Live At The Last Hotel- Synopsis 

Act One

The Early Show at The Last Hotel is the Friday night destination of Downtown. The sounds of Classic Jazz create an energetic but laid-back environment in which people can meet up, catch up, have dinner, and plan their next move of the night (“The Lobby”, “Meeting Friends”). On the way to the gig, Bandleader fends off the ruminating inner dialogue while trying to focus on his task at hand: Crossing the busy downtown street in Friday rush-hour traffic (“Traffic Both Ways”). Meanwhile at The Last Hotel, the busy-bee valet parkers zip back and forth, serving arriving patrons, while hoping to take a breath now and then (“Valet Rally”). Act Two After a lackluster holiday stint, winter hits hard in the form of slowed business for The Hotel. Owner contemplates his worst winter ever, while weighing the prospects of a murky offer from a shady character (“Standin’ Up Against the Wall”) Walking outside on the street one morning in February, he sees a hopeful first sign of the coming Spring, and looks to better luck ahead (“Hello Robin”). Acting on a hunch, Owner takes a chance with a brand-new Chef, who seems to have a knack for creating excitement and delight. She quickly brings the Hotel a spirit-lift with adventurous fare, and word gets around. (“Chef Can Cook!”) The Hotel is back in action! On break during the Early Show, Bandleader takes the elevator to the rooftop for a quick smoke. Across the patio, he sees a couple dancing together in the romantic moonlight (“Rooftop View”). With The Hotel back on solid ground, Owner, Chef and Staff go about their business of delivering wonderful amenities, as well as great service with the utmost cleanliness. Owner whistles while he works. Happy for the full occupancy, he chuckles to himself as he cleans a room, reflecting on all the things one might see when cleaning a room between guests (“Make the Beds”). Digital Format Bonus Tracks: The lobby is graced by characters, which makes for great people-watching. Under everyone’s radar, seated at the bar, the mystery man enjoys a nightcap before catching the elevator up to his room (“The Spy in Room 314”). Meanwhile, two gentlemen engage in some trash talking at the pool table as they begin their next match (“Rack ‘Em Up (I Told You So)”.